Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I feel like ive seen the shades of skin change as steadily as the colors of the rainbow as ive traveled from east to west. Last night i found myself on Pakistan soil, surrounded by the highest and most unforgiving mountains in the world, the peak of K2 within 75 miles of where i stood (at 15000 ft elevation). This is something not many foreigners are allowed to do, and was only afforded to me after pretending to be a student at quing hua university (Beijing). The last border town on the Chinese side, Tashkorgen, is filled with people that look more Italian then anything. the men wear strange shoe shaped hates, while the women dress with large square head wear, and the most colorful robes i have ever seen. they really almost look like catholic nuns but covered in multicolor glitter and embroidery.

As i head back east past kashgar towards urumuqi i dare not spend another sleepless night on the bus from hell, thus ive opted for the "flight" back. For now i still dont quite know where i go from there, but it seems south, towards the warmer climate. I might even get into Vietnam if possible. Tonight i will venture back into the streets to watch the people wait till exactly sun down to begin their massive lamb-filled feast. From Kashgar! Albert

Me on a horse near Pakistan

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